Are Electric Skateboards Safe or Dangerous?

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Do you have a child who loves to skateboard? Skating, as you may be aware, has several risks. For example, falling off an electric skateboard can lead to serious injury. The good news is that there are simple guidelines that you can follow to prevent skateboard injuries.

Electric skateboards are one of the most exciting innovations in the stuff-to-ride department in a long time. Self-balancing, with slick designs and fast speeds, they’re almost too much fun to be true. But as with any new technology, you should need safety guidelines to use them properly.

In this article, we look at whether electric skateboards are safe and the dangerous  of using an electric skateboard. We also talk about the reported injuries and fatalities and how to avoid them. We’ll go over some tips for using boards safely that you can put to use right now.


Are Electric Skateboards Dangerous?

Electric skateboards are a fun way to get around town, but they may be dangerous if you don’t utilize them safely. Like all forms of transportation, electric skateboards have their own set of risks. They are not to be used as a replacement for walking or cycling, and you must know the road rules before getting out on the streets.

Electric skateboards are fast and can reach speeds of 20 mph or more. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up hurt. The electric skateboard comes with large lithium-ion batteries with extremely heavy handles for new riders. Another reason it becomes very dangerous is that many riders use it on wet surfaces that, increase the risk of falling and injury. So, use waterproof electric skateboards whether riding in the rain or on damp pavements.

For this reason, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued the following warning:

Children who use electric skateboards should be supervised closely by an adult. They should be taught to ride and operate electric skateboards safely. It is not safe for a child to operate an electric skateboard alone. An electric skateboard is a motorized vehicle and should be operated by a responsible adult.

Electric Skateboard Injuries and Deaths

The most common injury when riding an electric skateboard is a knee injury. Knee injuries are common when riding bicycles, too, but electric skateboards they’re even more common. The reason is that electric skateboards are so fast that the rider has to be in a position where they can absorb the shock of a fall.

Many people do not wear helmets that cause head injuries on an electric skateboard or other sports. Head injuries are very dangerous and cause death, brain injury, and paralysis.

Suppose you have experienced an injury while riding an electric skateboard. In that case, it is important that you immediately report the incident to your doctor so that they can properly diagnose your condition and determine the most effective treatment. An electric skateboard is not a toy. It is a tool that can be dangerous if not used properly.

5 Electric Skateboard Safety Tips To Ride Safe

Electric skateboards are dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride them or stop skating. You need to follow some basic riding safety guidelines to stay safe. Here are some safety tips to keep you on the right track:

Stay in a straight line and do not swerve. Keep your body upright and balanced. Look at where you’re going and make sure you don’t run into anything. Stay aware of other traffic around you.

Do not ride on sidewalks or bike paths if you are a beginner. Make sure you know the rules of the road. Before you ride, Safety equipment is important when using electric skateboards.

Never ride alone. You need to be with someone familiar with the road rules and who knows how to handle a skateboard.

These are some tips to keep you safe while riding an electric skateboard. However, there are a few extra guidelines that you must consider before you start riding.

1. Clean and Grease Bearings

If the bearings are dirty or worn out, it will cause the electric skateboard to lose power and slow down.

Before you ride, make sure to clean and grease the bearings. It will ensure that the electric skateboard will work smoothly. A moist cloth with some soap, or a brush, is good to clean the bearings.

When you’re cleaning the bearings, make sure that you clean the underside of the board as well. It is important to clean the underside of the board to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to the underside of the board.

2. Regularly Maintenance

Maintenance is important to ensure that your electric skateboard works well and long. Before you ride, you need to make sure that you have a working motor and battery.

Make sure that you have the full battery to ride your electric skateboard. You need to check the condition of the tires. It is important to keep the tires in good condition to ensure that your electric skateboard will work smoothly. We’ve put up a comprehensive guide on skateboard maintenance that will help you clean your board.

3. Don’t Drink And Ride

Many skateboarders have been injured while riding their boards after drinking. It is very dangerous and can cause the rider to fall off the board.

Don’t ride your electric skateboard if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You may also not walk if you fall off the skateboard.

4. Wear Helmet

Wearing a helmet is important when you are riding your electric skateboard. It will protect your head from injury if you fall off the board. It is important to wear a helmet that will fit your head well.

Wear a helmet that the Consumer Product Safety Commission approves. You can check the CPSC safety standards to ensure that the helmet you are wearing is safe for electric skateboards.

5. Wear Padding

Wearing protective pads will help to protect your legs and body from injury. If you fall off the board, the pads will protect your legs and body from injury. You can buy pads that are specifically designed for electric skateboards.

Final Thoughts

If you learn how to ride properly and follow safety precautions like wearing protective gear, riding an electric skateboard is completely risk-free! You can learn how to ride an electric skateboard in less than a week. Several beginner skateboards tutorials will help you learn the basics.

We hope you have learned about electric skateboard safety tips and how to ride safely. Do let us know if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you!

Stay safe and have fun riding!


Are electric skateboards safe?

Yes, electric skateboards are completely safe for usage as long as the rider follows all necessary safety precautions.

How dangerous are electric skateboards?

Yes, they are harmful if you’re careless when riding without proper safety measures. Therefore, first learn to ride board properly than navigating unfamiliar streets or sidewalks.

Is electric skateboard illegal?

No, they are legal as long as the rider follows all riding rules. But they are illegal to ride on public roads.

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