Can You Bring an Electric Skateboard on A Plane?

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Have you never flown before and are curious about whether or not you can take an electric skateboard on a plane? Many people don’t think an electric skateboard is practical for traveling, but many people like taking their longboard with them. The problem is that most electric skateboards are way too heavy to bring on a plane.

You might have heard the old saying, “You can’t take the skateboard off the plane, but you can take the skateboard on the plane.” There is some truth behind that saying because the airline has rules about what you can and can’t take on board with you. We’ll cover every detail and show you how to take your board.


Can You Take an Electric Skateboard on A Plane

For some individuals, electric skateboards are more than just a mode of mobility; they’re a style of expression and a way to express themselves. A few models on the market are permitted to be carried on the plan due to their weight and dimensions.

But some electric skateboard comes with restrictions for riders who cannot carry them in plans. The biggest reason for the restriction is a big Lithium-ion battery that is dangerous for passengers.

Lithium-ion batteries have been used in electric vehicles for several years. However, Li-ion batteries in electric skateboards are a new concept. The safety concerns of lithium-ion batteries have been raised recently. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has released guidelines for safely transporting lithium-ion batteries on airplanes. The guidelines are aimed at passengers and airlines to ensure the safety of the passengers. These guidelines are intended to prevent any fire or explosion.

However, there is a method to carry an electric skateboard without restrictions. You’ll need a longer board with a battery capacity under 160 Wh to carry. However, some airlines require approval if your battery capacity is less than 160 Wh. You’ll need to check the list of airlines to determine whether they allow you to bring a longboard in your carry-on luggage.

There are a variety of electric skateboards on the market with smaller batteries and lightweight designs. The lighter the board, the better it will be to carry while on the go. Below, we will share some of the famous boards and give you an idea about them. Whether you can carry them or not is completely up to your preference. We will also provide information about well-known airlines that allow you to fly with or without board.

Another reason why many airlines do not allow you to bring an electric skateboard is the big deck of the board. Even with the foldable, they’re difficult to fit into suitcases and other small spaces on the plane. In general, carry-on luggage cannot exceed 157cm in length or 50lb in weight per airline policy.

5 Electric Skateboards You Can Bring on A Plane

The market is filled with many electric skateboards, but you may not be aware that some of them are not legal to carry on a plane. But, some boards are approved by some airlines. The following boards are the ones that are allowed to be brought on board with you. They are a lightweight and small boards that meet almost all the rules that require bringing a longboard on a plane.

  • Meepo V3: You can take it on most airlines since it has a 144-288W battery capacity.
  • Boosted Mini S: It is another small model from boosted that comes with a 99 Wh battery capacity.
  • Verreal Mini: It has a 144 Wh battery capacity, and you can take it on most airlines.
  • Maxfind Max4Pro: It comes with a 158 Wh battery, which is also a good choice.
  • Aeboard AX: Another good option to use because it comes with 158 Wh battery.

Famous Airlines & Skateboard Carrying Rules

It is easy to carry boards within-country because most airlines allow you to carry them. However, some countries have a restriction on the weight of the board

Skateboard Model Planes Status Battery Size
Apsuboard V3 Yes 144 Wh
Backfire G2 Black No 180 Wh
Backfire G3 No 260 Wh
Backfire Mini No 175 Wh
Boosted Plus No 199 Wh
Boosted Stealth No 199 Wh
Backfire G3 Plus No 346 Wh
Maxfind FF Plus No 216 Wh
Meepo Mini 2 Yes 144 – 288 Wh
Meepo NLS Belt No 144 – 288 Wh
Meepo NLS Pro No 336 Wh
Meepo V3 Yes 144 – 288 Wh
Verreal Mini Yes 144 Wh
WowGo AT2 No 504 Wh

How to Pack Skateboard to Take on A Plane

If you plan to travel with your electric skateboard, you should know that you have to pack it correctly to prevent any damage. First of all, you have to make sure that the wheels are removed before you pack your board.

Secondly, you have to make sure that your board is folded properly and will not take too much space in your luggage. The rule is that your board should be no longer than 150cm in length, and it should be able to fit in a standard luggage bag. The best way to pack your electric skateboard for air travel is to put it in a protective case.

What if You Can’t Take an Electric Skateboard on Plan?

Now let’s talk about the case when you can’t take your electric skateboard with you. You will also not be able to carry it on the bus or train, because you will have to pay a fine. So, here are some of the best ways to use skateboards in travel.


If you’re traveling with a board, a courier is an ideal alternative for you to use. There are courier services that can keep your board and take care of it while you are out of town. When you arrive, they’ll bring the board to the airport, where you’ll be able to get it. In terms of safety and security, this is the greatest choice for you to go with.


The next best option is to rent a skateboard for a few days or a week. The problem with this option is that you can not be sure that the board will be safe. You have to pay for the rental, and you will have to pay for the damage to the board. If you are traveling for a long time, this option is not good.

Buy & Sell

The last option is buying a board and selling it when you are leaving for your destination. In the short term, it’s a more costly alternative, but you’ll receive a higher price for it when you do sell it. However, you can’t sell it in the same place you bought it. Several applications allow you to sell your used personal item at a good price.

Final Thoughts

Again it all depends on the airline and battery size of your board. For your safety and the safety of those around you, we strongly advise that you follow the advice provided in the preceding sections. In addition, make sure you don’t violate any airline regulations by transporting the board in this manner.

We hope you’ve learned all you need to know about the fly on an electric skateboard. Our last recommendation is to contact the customer service team of your airline to learn more about their policies.


Can I fly with my Boosted Board on the plane?

It depends on the skateboard model and your airline. Most popular Boosted boards cannot be carried via plane because of their large battery capacity. However, boosted also makes small electric skateboards that are easy to transport.

How much does it cost to fly with a skateboard?

Accordingly, we can say that it depends on your board model and airline. For example, some airlines allow you to carry the board for free, but you will have to pay for other things like baggage fees, insurance, etc. There is no specific fee for flying with a skateboard. You can check the specific fee for your airline on their website.

Can I carry a skateboard on a plane as hand luggage?

In brief, yes, you can. Some airlines allow you to carry skateboards as hand luggage. To avoid problems, you must ensure that your board does not have a longer deck or a heavier weight.

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