How to Do an Ollie on a Skateboard

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Landing the first ollie is an exciting experience. Ollieing is the most basic skateboard trick everyone needs to learn to become skilled at skating. Ollie seems like a simple jump, but it requires much coordination and practice to land perfectly.

Ollie is a skateboarding trick you can do by placing your dominant foot on the skateboard’s tail. Keep your heel on the tail, and use your toes to launch your body into the air. After that, land on the balls of both feet, then shift your weight back to your dominant foot so you can continue skating!

We know some of you did not understand properly as it is a little tricky. So, we’ll take you through it step by step so you can quickly learn. You just need proper coordination and practice to land perfectly.


Ollie History

Before moving to the instructions, we would like to tell you the history of this move. The ollie was first performed by Alan Gelfand in 1976 when he managed to propel himself two feet into the air without using his hands. Alan Gelfand is also famous for some other skating tricks that he invented. Rodney Mullen is also famous for his contribution, stabilizing the ollie and making it possible for street skating.

Ollie on a Skateboard: How to Do it Right

Now let’s get into the details of how you can perform an ollie. Remember, just follow the steps and keep practicing to land perfectly.

1. Standing on the board

Right stance or proper standing on the skateboard is the first thing you must do because many beginners make mistakes here. You need to place your feet in the middle of the board. After that, bend your knee to get a little pop, not too much. Then place your front foot near the screws, and your back foot should be placed at the board’s tail. In the beginning, don’t bend too much because the more you bend, the more you jump.

2. Jump into the air

Next, you need to jump into the air with your front foot first, which will help you get more height and distance. You can use your back foot to give you a little extra boost, but ensure that your front foot does most of the work.

3. Kick down on the back

After that, kick down on the back of your board as you jump, which helps to launch you into the air. When you reach the peak of your jump, use your front foot to shove the nose of the board upward. As the board pops into the air, quickly tuck your back foot underneath your body. You should be balanced on the board with both feet firmly in place.

4. Straighten your legs

In the end, you need to land on the board by straightening your legs to absorb the impact. You can use your back foot to help you keep balance as you land. It is important to balance the center of gravity to avoid falling off. Never try to land on any side of the board because it is dangerous, and you can get seriously hurt.

Ollie Tips for Beginners

Sometimes you may feel as though you’re not able to do that lead to feelings of depression. So, don’t worry; we are here to help you with some tips that will make sure you succeed.

  • First, don’t be afraid to fall because that is part of the learning process. You will fall many times before you start getting it right. It’s easier to learn on grass or carpet-like surfaces, and you won’t hurt yourself if you fall.
  • Focus on your board while you are doing the trick. It might sound strange, but it works! If you can keep your eyes focused on the board and not the ground, you will land the ollie.
  • Start with a small height and work your way up. Don’t try to go too high in the beginning as it is dangerous and you might get hurt. So, it is better to start small and work your way up gradually.

Final Thoughts

Learning an ollie is a dream for many skateboarders because it is the most iconic move in skating. It is not easy to learn, but you can definitely nail it with proper practice and coordination!

If you are afraid of falling, you can practice on grass or soft surfaces. In starting, you can also hold a fence to get stability. Always focus your eyes on the board, not on the ground. In the starting, never try to do ollie while riding because handling balance is difficult.


How do you do an ollie for beginners?

To do an ollie for beginners, you must place your skateboard behind your feet. You then bend your knees slightly, pop the board off the ground with your foot, and redirect the energy from the fall into leaping into the air. The easiest way to get a feel for this is to jump off a low surface like a curb. Remember to keep your back straight and land in the center of your skateboard, not on your nose or tail. With a bit of practice, ollies will become second nature!

Is an ollie easy for beginners?

Ollie is one of the hardest tricks for beginners to learn. The ollie is a skateboarding move involving popping the board into the air and then landing on it. This requires a lot of coordination and balance, two things that beginners often struggle with. But it’s worth the effort to learn, as ollies are essential to many other tricks.

Do I need suede shoes to perform higher ollies?

You don’t need suede shoes to perform higher ollies. In fact, suede shoes may actually hinder your ability to achieve higher ollies. The best shoe for performing higher ollies is a shoe with a stiff, flat sole. This will give you the most traction and allow you to generate the most power when jumping.

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